PMUCK 4th of Life LP
Krikl-Krakl #08 2006

01 Soul Miner
02 Comulus Worship
03 Modern Yesterday
04 Inuit Dance
05 Daily Differ Flow
06 Knew It
07 Ghost Frame
08 Arktic Green
09 Computing


additional information:

all songs were fully developed at pmuck-studio in hamburg, germany in between 2004-2006. Most ideas and outlines were programmed in different cities or countries. "arctic green" and "ghost frame" were written at la galguera, north spain. "computing" and "knew it" were written in cooperation with "art graves" formerly known as "coach" in frankfurt, germany. "soul miner" was conceived at my parents house in bretten in the south of germany. For "modern yesterday" jan of "art graves" droped some guitar lines via the internet. the rest was done in hamburg at pmuck-studio.

gears; centrino m 1.6 Ghz, mackie hr 824, mackie CFX12.mkII, rme mulitface + cardbus, evolution midi keyboard, b-control rotary bcr 2000, olympus digital voice recorder ws-2005s, neuman tlm-139, shure sm58.

PMUCK scandinavian EP
Krikl-Krakl #03 2003

01 Skodjberge
02 169 Alphasträuche
03 Together Day
04 12kHz Küste


additional information:

all songs (except "together day" which i wrote in berlin, germany) were written and produced within one week in denmark. it was something there that made this ep what it is. Maybe it was the clouds, the grass or the wind (the expansive red wine?) that gave me the airiness to catch those warm basses and hook melodies, framed by dodgy beats and broken by harsh and noisy sounds.

gears; pentium 3 1.2 Ghz, mackie hr 824, evelution midi keyboard, audiophile sound card, dj mixer;

V/A emotionally handicapped
2003 krikl-krakl #05

Tracklist Pmuck:
02 169 Alphasträuche
05 Skodjberge
07 Gasherbrum Four


additional information:

the sick music for "emotionally handicapped" cd was compiled to sell only at the krikl-krakl winter tour through germany at 2003. it is an absolutly unique piece of work and everybody who has it should be a happy, it´s totally sold out, lucky for us and sad for all true collectors. for more information about this please visit

V/A a minute to pray and a 2nd to die
2004 krikl-krakl #06

Tracklist Pmuck:
02 Spit on the rave
05 I am ok. I am alive
06 Together day (nitrada rmx)


additional information:

a superb work of the krikl-krakl community! including a cd-rom part with beautiful pictures of "". 1st half is wonderful harmonizing and the 2nd half is vandalizing, guess where i at?! and this great remix of "together day" by "nitrada", i am still glad that he put his hands on! for more information about this please visit and

V/A aufgestellt
2005 fummel und kram #01

Tracklist Pmuck:
02 Spit on the rave
05 4th of life
07 Togehter day
08 I am ok. I am alive


additional information:

special release by "fummel und kram" the label of fashion designer "angelika paschbeck". in combine with her art installation, entitled "handarbeits excesse", at the oldest and famous department store "ludwig beck" at munich, germany. the krikl-krakl community played at the showcase in front of the "marien platz", note that munich is the capitol of bavaria and most citizen are infamously known to be narrow minded, so it was kind a rave for us kicking out strong beats onto the town hall square of munich.