hey ho,
it took me more than a year to update this place. i still love music and i still love pmuck. it´s just a tricky management to have enough time for family, making money and kicking out new tunes.
i like to share some web goodies, first jewel is from my mate tim. he found a very good internet radio show from john peel´s son tom ravenscroft! called global soundtracks. "Global Soundtracks is not just bringing you the music, we're inviting you along for an adventure. So, volume up, let's see what's out there.".

If you are into programming or just don´t wanna leave your hands off your keypad while searching the web you might like the unofficial google shell called goosh. the first time just type an h for help.


and at last my son at a lower noise momentum the rest of the day he´s charging and firing! yeahhh
best pmuck

hello folks,
i finished the computergame project and i am hungry to put my hands on new p.muck tracks. i hope i can share more news the next time...thats it for the moment. love from hamburg, germany.

apple haben mich erobert und ich bereue es bis jetzt nicht! live bin ich immer noch mit abelton unterwegs. ein paar neue sachen habe ich mit daniel von art graves eingespielt aber bis das fertig wird ist es wohl neujahr. gründe hierfür sind der junge herr hier meine wundervolle freundinn hannah und mein job als sounddesigner. wenn ich zeit finde sitze ich hier und frickel.
in 2 wochen geht was live in bremen mit sven dohse, ümme, motion040 uvm...mehr bei den "dates".
wenn nix geht höre ich zur zeit am liebsten... modeslktr , whitest boy alive,extrawelt ,!!! , coco rosie ,und immer noch apparat
keep it up, live is a chance to grow your soul!!! peace pmuck

my son is born! what a experience. time is a hole a the moment but i just want you to know about a fantastic instrument = )

learn more here: mtg.upf.edu

yeah folks,
the work on the video edit for "computing" is completed. daniel jude from frankfurt did a awesome job!! you´ll not know him but possibly listend to his voice and guitar, he is part of "art graves" and the "4th of life" crew. enjoy...

hello, there are no new´s about pmuck at the moment i am pretty much into billion things apart producing pmuck tracks, sorry! i´ll found some goodies i definitely want to share with you. beatboxing flute player greg pattillo an awesome guy from new york! i love flutes and i love beatboxing he´s mashing it up! another good one: amon tobin´s new record "foley room" is out at ninja tunes. inspiring! an at least daniel from art graves did a wonderful kind a scarying video for pmuck´s "computing" song and will be released here, very soon!!! enjoy...pmuck
what´s up at pmuck´s; i left my flat-sharing community kicking togehter with my girlfriend. we are proud to announce that we will be parents this may and we are heavily into nest-building process. i am more into working with abelton live and catched some very well outlines wich will suit very fine into the pmuck context. the show with nitrada;rob and raf; was just great. loud, packed, raveing till 5 am. thanks to raf and the pudel crew for that chopper. new more news for now! love pmuck

at the end of october nobody likes to get the day started, how ever i found uppers helping out! first: however get this movie.

maybe you aren´t into skateboarding, nevermind this one is good. second: make yourselfe a double coffe or tea. third: hopp back into your bed. enjoy

pmuck is currently listening to:
piano overlord / nuccini! / thom yorke / dr who dat? / just don´t & nosrep / datasette / justin timberlake

graffiti artist, drawers,do it you self fetishist´s or what ever, i found a realy big marker for you, it´s cheap and you are ready to burn the biggest walls! the canceld krikl-krakl show will be replied at the legendary pudel club on the 3rd sunday of the advent, you’ll have the chance to see one of nitrada’s rare live/dj sets! raf le spoink and rob hard is supporting and pmuck is also preparing a new live set for this night. after 6 month´s of no musik pmuck is entering his little warm room again to record some drums and sounds. new music will come.
no more news...pmuck


hi beatlover,
pmucks digital version of "4th of life" is now available through finetunes "[album of the week]" or itunes, musicload, beatport. search at the pmuck/shooping section to link up.
markus maack aka [the vinylizer] kicks pmuck back on air*** at the 07 09 06 at 2.00 til 3.00 am he will play some songs of "4th of life". mostly you can download or stream the show afterwards. he is a specialist in music for the modern yesterday, check him out!!! the krikl-krakl rave community is still searching to find a place to repeat the canceld depressive beat w/ romantic flavour show; as soon as possible you´ll read more.
pmuck added some shows at the pmuck/date section watch out.
peace and love pmuck

pmuck "4th of life" Lp is now available through some well selected record shops at hamburg. please have a look at the shopping section you can link yourselfe to the shops. online releasedate for digital distribution through finetunes is the first of september. if you aren´t in europe or germany it will be the easiest way to get it, if you are cool with mp3. everybody who got the vinyl already own a digital version of "4th of life"...search!
if you want to order the vinyl send me an email or check sonicane mailorder specialist for precious music, i´ll give it to you for 12 € plus shipping costs. the canceld depressive beats w/ romantic flavour rave by krikl-krakl will be shifted to a new location and a new date. detailed information as soon as possible.

i am very happy and proud to present my full length album "4th of life" out at KRIKL-KRAKL records. damn yes it is OUT NOW!!!

after 2 defect charges of vinyl the 3rd is fine and i am stoked of putting it onto the turntable if you wanna order vinyl send me an email, the KRIKL-KRAKL system is rebooting and you can´t order over them, right now. but soon theire shop system thing should work. what else, yes...we printed PMUCK shirts, hoodies and buttons, looks fucking great. i am working on the pmuck/shopping section and soon you can keep an eye on it and order direct from this site.
release shows: berlin was great, bar 25 was packed and everybody was dreaming. the club is in front of the river "spree" and the view and air was just terrific .though the low pressure of the amplifier sucks. hamburg was special, i´ll never had a better live set than that night at the mfoc pudel club, the basses, the beats, my head, my heart everything was pumping, rocking, loving: nameless. thanks to erverybody visiting the shows. peace...pmuck

pmuck is currently listening to:
pudel produkte / bluebird / appart + ellen alien / two lone swordsman / prodigy / var sued / zwan / fugazi / richard cheese>

no shows at the moment

la paloma olé!
dj: sven dohse / jay pauli / ümme / r-go / sascha / me-low
live: motion 040 / pmuck
wehrschloss / liegeplatz: hastedter osterdeich 230 / bremen / 7€

depressive beats w/ romantic flavour II
nitrada dj/live [2nd rec] + raf le spoink[MFOC] rob hard + pmuck live [ KK
pudel club Am St. Pauli Fischmarkt 27

electronic disko @[
drei und siebzieg]
nitrada [2ndrec] dj+live + the haina dj + pmuck dj
schulterblatt 73 / hamburg]

[baltic raw]
könig der löwen strand
pmuck dj + david mohn dj[electrohaus] + aera [b]

t-mix / exhibition gallery linda / hamburg
dj pmuck

krikl-krakl night @ B-22,
bernstorfstr. 22, hamburg
pmuck live + dj´s nitrada [ 2nd rec
raf le spoink [ MFOC ] + rob hard [ KK ]

4th of life release party .
bremen - urlaub
pmuck + [ salamandroids ]

4th of life release party bei [ GOLDMUND ]
berlin - bar 25 club
pmuck + raf le spoink + rob hard

4th of life release party bei [ MFOC ].
hamburg - golden pudel club
pmuck + raf le spoink + superdefekt

1st insturment piano 1979 [1 year]
1st record [dad gave me] kizz-unmasked 1980
2nd instrument bass 1986 [2 years]
1st band playing bass "pop-rock" 1986
1st record [i bought] metallica-master of puppets 1986
1st concert spermbirds 1986
3rd instrument drums 1988 [sometimes]
2nd band playing drums "death-metal" 1990
3rd band playing drums "metal/crossover" 1995
1st computer+sequencer 1999 [sold]
2nd computer+sequencer 2003 [playing]
1st release scandinavian ep [2003]
1st live act krikl-krakl party [2003]

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